Many tens of thousands of victims of human trafficking in South Asia are from or pass through Bangladesh. Destined for brothels, sweatshops, domestic labour and the like. We know our presence in Bangladesh is strategically vital to tackle the cross border nature of human trafficking.

Justice and Care Bangladesh, is a member of Rescue, Recovery, Repatriation and Integration (RRRI) Task Force under Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh (MoHA). We play a lead role in repatriation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking.

Our Work


Our team has quickly become the go-to NGO to support repatriations of Bangladeshi victims who had been trafficked to India. This year we repatriated 39 victims including a child who had been trafficked to Gujarat in India.

Following safe and supported repatriation, we provide victims with life skills training, counselling, medical care, vocational training, education and ongoing social work support according to each victim’s needs.


Traffickers are known to target garment factories in Dhaka, offering fictitious job opportunities abroad to the vulnerable women there who are generally low status, poorly educated, poorly paid and already separated from their families and support structures.

This year our team conducted awareness sessions on trafficking and safe migration to over 1,600 female factory workers during a specially developed lunch hour programme.

Rescue and Prosecution

We support the work of police and border guards to identify and rescue trafficking victims.

The team also supports victims to testify via video conference against their traffickers in India, to help them see their exploiters brought to justice without the trauma of facing their traffickers in court or having to remain in India for protracted court proceedings.

Systemic Change

We are committed to doing all we can to support the Bangladesh Government as it seeks to prevent human trafficking. This includes:

  • Convening the stakeholders from both India and Bangladesh for a bilateral conference on repatriation of human trafficking victims, resulting in new commitments to strengthen cooperation and coordination to improve victim care and repatriation timelines.
  • A unique model of partnership with local Police and Thana in four border Districts (Khulna, Narail, Jessore, Satkhira) to ensure their support towards victims
  • Supporting the Ministry of Home Affairs in developing the National Plan of Action for Combating Human Trafficking (2018 – 2022), enabling Justice and Care to have direct input into shaping the country’s plan for tackling human trafficking for the next 5 years.